Games for Kids: Shape Puzzle

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Shape Puzzle is One of Best Educational Android Apps for Kids.

Search for the best educational iPad or Android apps for kids? Shape Puzzle is an interesting, entertaining and educational puzzle iOS (also Android and Blackberry) game that is intended for preschoolers. This educational iPad app has a positive impact on child development and helps parents keep their kids busy. The application improves motor skills of hands. Shape Puzzle is considered to be one of the best android educational apps for kids!

Full version of the game includes 7 categories of objects (i.e. transport, furniture and others), when the trial includes only 1 category. The names of objects are displayed and read by a professional actor. So, this helps kids learn new words quickly and effectively. Kids like to play the game from the first seconds. That's why Shape Puzzle can be added to the list of the best educational apps for preschoolers!

Shape Puzzle is the right choice of parents, who wish to find the educational iPhone apps for kids. This educational application for kids was developed with the assistance of a child psychologist and provides preschoolers with numerous benefits. All fragments of figures provided during the game are multicoloured. The game has an easy-to-use interface that is convenient for kids. Also, the game is accompanied by outstanding musical support. Background of the game can be selected by a player. Figures are divided into fragments randomly. Thus, a player can create the same figure in different ways and will never find this process boring. The game is also available on BlackBerry AppWord. So, just go ahead and gain the benefits from the great educational apps for kids on iPad, Android and BlackBerry!

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Game features:

  • Figures are divided randomly, no pre-set patterns!!!
  • 1 category, 24 figures
    (full version has 6 categories and 70 figures more)
  • 3 difficulty levels, eat this!
  • Different backgrounds and music themes
  • Voiced by pro artist
  • A lot of FUN guaranteed!